Haskel 4AAD-2

$ 1,975.00

Haskel 4AAD-2 positive-displacement single stage piston pumps are safe, proven, reliable, and energy saving butane / propane extraction pumps. The high-pressure pumps offer the flexibility to speed completely variable from zero to maximum lbs/minute. No need for unloaders or bypass valves, simply add gauges and hoses to suit your application.


Returns Not Available On Haskel 4AAD-2

Gas can passively start to transfer through the pump from inlet to outlet (free flow) when inlet pressure is approximately two times outlet pressure.  It will continue to flow until inlet and outlet pressures are equal.


Features and Benefits:

• Safe for handling propane and butane (Vent/exhaust port must be connected to an exhaust line that vents leaked gas outdoors)

• Stainless steel and aluminum wetted components

• High butane/propane transfer rates

• No electrical components

• Stall against load - start against load - or run dry

• Requires compressed nitrogen to drive the pump - approximately 5 CFM at 90 psi to run the pump

• Clean – No lubrication required in the gas section (Nothing is added to the gas)


Proper operation of the Haskel pump will require the following additional equipment:

• Compressed nitrogen source capable of providing approximately a minimum of 5 CFM of air at 90 psi (6.2 bar) or higher (Compressors must be located in an area away from the LPG gasses)

• Compressed air filter filtering to 40 microns or better • Drive Air Pressure Regulator

• Drive Air Speed Control Valve - such as a Gate Valve or a Globe Valve (not a Ball Valve)