Gas Detector

$ 200.00

  • Incorporating both electronic and UV technology into one unit insures that even the toughest leaks can be found
  • UV enhancing safety glasses and custom molded carrying case are included.
  • Six levels of sensitivity (15 levels of detection) with a tri-colored LED indicator
  • Gives you the capability to perform Electronic and UV leak detection all with one tool
  • Pin-point leaks as small as 1/10 oz (3 gr) per year
  • The ultra bright UV light is built into the end of the probe, allowing easy access into tight areas
  • Meets or exceeds SAE J1627.


  • Ultra Bright UV/Blue LED Light
  • Detects Leaks As Small As 1/10 oz Per Year
  • Mute Function
  • Detects All Refrigerants, CFC'S,HCFC'S, HFC'S
  • Tri-Colored Visual Leak Level Indicator
  • 6 Levels Of Sensitivity (15 Levels Of Detection)
  • UV Safety Glasses
  • Includes Custom Molded Case