CLS MK Mini Terpenator© Capacity 73G to 220G

$ 880.00

This system comes fully assembled and pressure tested.

The all new CLS MK Mini Terpenator© closed loop extraction system is perfect for the entry level closed loop extractor. Designed with scalability and adaptibility in mind the unit can utilize column sizes ranging from 110 grams up to the 1/2 pound material column. This closed-loop extractor also features a multi-piece collection pot making it easy to upgrade to a shatter platter without having to replace the entire collection pot. The CLS MK Mini comes standard with high pressure clamps, 3/8" hose connections for high flow rates, and separate ports for injection, vacuum, and recovery. All products are tested for safety and quality before shipping and are backed by our industry leading customer service and technical support.

  • Superior yields
  • Recover up to 99% of solvents through closed loop extraction
  • Separate ports for vacuum, injection and recovery
  • Remove 'Mystery Oil' and contamination from dirty solvents
  • No open gases
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Assembled & tested
  • Modular design simplifies upgrades
  • Scalable up to 220 Grams (1/2 pound)

    What's included:

    • CLS MK Mini Terpenator© (73 Gram Dewaxing extractor pictured)
    • Column size of your choice
    • Vacuum Hose
    • Compound gauge with adapter
    • Operation training (Available in Fort Collins, CO. Terpp Headquarters holds a free demonstration day twice a month.) 
    • Operating manual
    • Terpenator© Operating Schematic
    • Tech support 

      What you will need to operate the extractor: 

      Upgrades Available:

         *Each machine is made to order. Allow 1-2 business days from order date for assembly and testing.

        DISCLAIMER:  This machine is intended for legal and lawful purposes only.  Proper ventilation is required during use.  Please consult your local fire marshal or agency of authority so that you are operating within the bounds of the local laws and ordinances.  

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