MK III Terpenator Operating Instructions - Scale Method

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Loading the material tube

  1. Attach a 1.5” TriClamp cap to end of material tube to keep material from falling out.
  2. Pack 1-3 unbleached coffee filters on the end of your material tube.
  3. Pack dry plant material in your material tube. (Best packing density is 3.0 – 4.2 grams per cubic inch)
  4. Pack 1-3 unbleached coffee filters on the opposite end of the material tube.
  5. Attach screen gaskets to both ends of the material tube. KEEP GASKETS AND FLANGES FREE FROM DEBRIS
  6. Attach material tube to Terpenator.

Operating the Terpenator

  1. Close all valves on the butane storage tank.
  2. Open ALL valves on extractor.
  3. Turn on high vacuum pump and pump Terpenator down to about -29″Hg (This number changes depending on your altitude. E.g. Denver is ~ 25”Hg, San Diego is -29”Hg).
  4. Close valves #3, #4, and #1.
  5. Turn off vacuum pump.
  6. Place butane storage tank on scale, tare scale to 0 pounds.
  7. Open all valves on the butane storage tank.
  8. Turn on the recovery pump.
  9. Turn on valve #4. You will start to lose weight on the scale as solvent is injected into the system.
  10. When you see liquid reach the sight glass, note the weight value on the scale as “column soak weight” (E.g. 1 pound).
    1. This will tell you how much butane is currently in the system, and how much is required to flood the column. E.g. 1 pound
    2. If you don’t have a sight glass, you can hold your hand at the top of the column to feel the chill of the butane.
  11. When the scale reads double the "column soak weight" (E.g. 2 pounds) turn off valve #4 and valve #2.
  12. Place butane storage tank in ice bucket.
  13. Place recovery pot/extractor in a warm water bath at 80F – 120F
  14. Continue to pump with the recovery pump until the internal pressure is reduced to -10″Hg.
  15. If you want to soak your plant material again, then continue with step 16. If you are done soaking and want to do a full recovery, then jump to step 21.
  16. Place butane storage tank on scale, tare scale to 0 pounds.
  17. Slowly and gently open valve #2 and valve #4 till the recovery tank loses solvent equal to the "column soak weight" noted in step 10. 
  18. Close valve #4 and then valve #2.
  19. Place butane storage tank in ice bucket and continue to pump until the system pressure is again reduced to -10″Hg.
  20. If you want to do another soak. Repeat steps 16 through 19.
  21. When the gauge hits -10″Hg, slowly open valve #2 and then valve #3 to dump the column.
  22. Continue to pump until the system reaches -22″Hg (-19”Hg at higher altitudes)
  23. Close valve #5 and turn off the recovery pump.
  24. Turn on the high vacuum pump.
  25. Open Valve #1
  26. Pump the system down to -29.5″Hg and close valve #1.
  27. Shut off the vacuum pump and allow the system to sit under hard vacuum for about 5 minutes.
  28. Unscrew the gauge or recovery hose to release the vacuum. 
  29. Remove product from lower collection tank.