Distributor Information

Thank you for your interest in equipment by Terpp Extractors!

We are always interested in adding new distributors to our family!  

If you are a storefront interested in putting our gear in your shop please fill out the information below; include your store name, location, and your social media accounts.  
Once we receive your information, we will briefly review the submission and send over our distributor application.  Please return the application to us via email once it has been completed.  Applications are typically processed within five business days, though it is generally a much shorter turn-around.

If you are a customer trying to get our gear into a storefront near you, go down there and tell them about us!  If a distributor mentions you by name when setting up their account with us, and they place their first extractor order, we will send you a swag bag with a hoodie, t-shirt, hat pins and more!  Just remind them to drop your name when getting everything setup.

If you have any questions in the mean time, please do not hesitate to contact us via phone or via info@TerppExtractors.com.