Molecular Sieve Filter Drier

$ 210.00

To place the Molecular Sieve Filter Drier inline within the system, AN ADDITIONAL 3/8" SAE 45 FLARE HOSE IS REQUIRED to be purchased separately.

Molecular Sieve Filter Driers are filled with a crystalline substance (zeolite) with uniform pores of molecular dimensions that permit the passage of molecules below a certain size.

Filter driers are used to remove the water that adsorbs to the butane as it comes into contact with plant material. If this water is not removed before recovering it can accumulate in the recovery/storage tank and cause costly problems.

The 4A dessicant beads can be regenerated by heating to an optimal temp from 130°C to 250°C. 

Molecular sieve filter driers available in 1.5" diameter. Valves can be added if desired. 

Includes 1 lb. of 4A desiccant beads and (2) Triclamp screen gaskets to contain desiccant beads in center spool. Additional fine mesh filter media (25 microns or less) should be placed in the ends to prevent fine particulates (dust from the desiccant) making it's way out of the assembly.

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