MK4c Terpenator© with Bi-Directional Modification Kit

$ 4,500.00 $ 5,000.00

The MK4c from Terpp Extractors comes fully assembled, pressure tested, and certified for the state of Washington and Colorado facilities.

A Bi-Directional Modification Kit comes with this unit.

The MK4c Terpenator© is a closed loop hydrocarbon extractor developed and copyrighted by JD Ellis, aka Grey Wolf, previously of Skunk Pharm Research now Pharmgold and built by Terpp Extractors. The MK4c is designed for Butane & Propane solvents.

The bottom-flood Terpenator© design allows for superior solvent soaks versus top-flood designs. The design also allows for heat application on the column to recover all the solvent vapors normally trapped in the column through the liquid "overflow" line without releasing unwanted compounds into the collection pot. If top-flood is desired, the solvent input valve may be easily relocated to the top of the material column. The MK4c can also be modified as a bidirectional system allowing you to flood the solvent from the top, bottom, or both in the same cycle.  The bidirectional modification is under a review process and is not currently certified for use in Washington or Colorado facilities as well as other states.  However, the standard MK4c is ready to go in Colorado and Washington facilities.

  • Superior yields
  • Recover Up To 99% of Solvents through closed loop extraction
  • Remove 'Mystery Oil' and contamination from dirty solvents 
  • No open gases
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Process up to 5 pounds
  • Certified, Assembled & Tested

What's included

  • MK4c Terpenator©
  • 2 Lb (3" x 36") Column (Including reducers & attachments)
  • 5 Lb (4" x 48") Column (Including reducers & attachments)
  • Recovery & Gauge Manifold
  • View Port Sight Glasses for Base
  • Operation training (Available in Fort Collins, CO. Terpp Headquarters holds a free demonstration day twice per month.)
  • Operation Manual
  • Terpenator© Operating Schematic
  • Tech Support 

What you will need to operate the extractor: 


    Upgrades Available:

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