Habitat for Humanity Donation - 1% July Sales! July 20 2016

It has been a great year for us, and we hope it has been great for you as well. As another way of giving back, we have decided to donate 1% of of our July sales to Habitat for Humanity. We strongly believe in giving back to the community when we can, and strive to do so at every opportunity.

If you have been waiting to purchase some extra gaskets, filter dryers, a shatter platter, or any of the other accessories we have for our units, now would be the time to buy. For those of you needing your first machine, or planning on adding a second unit, it is a great opportunity to help those less fortunate.  Not only are you getting what you need, you're helping a fantastic non-profit organization.  

Thank you very much for your business,
The Terpp Extractors Team