New Stainless Steel Braided PTFE Hoses with Black Kink Resistant Coating May 30 2017

We are constantly improving our equipment to raise the bar on standards for the Terpenator©.  

All standard hoses are still the same stainless steel braided PTFE lines, but have been upgraded with a kink-resistant coating to prevent damage and prolong the life of each hose, therefore reducing maintenance costs, downtime, and subsequently lost profits. Check out our hoses

For a discount on your next purchase of a New Kink-Resistant Hose or Hose Set use the discount code "kinkyhose".

Bi-Directional is Now Standard with all MKIII and MKIVc Terpenators! April 07 2017

This year we have adjusted our original bi-directional modification components as well as our hoses and fittings to allow for a modular modification kit that can be added to the MK3 and MK4c as simply as you would connect two hoses to the extractor. The modification does NOT require you to use any PTFE tape or make any uncertain NPT pipe thread connections.

This modification comes standard with all MK3 and MK4c Terpenators.

Dewaxing/Jacketed Columns April 07 2017

We now offer jacketed columns with two 1.5" triclamp connections for maximum flow capabilities. Currently only the 900 gram (2 lb.) size is in stock. Please email and/or call the office to request a different size.

Check out our "Dewaxing" accessories!


2,250 Gram (5 Pound) Dewaxing/Sleeved Columns February 10 2017

We now offer five pound sleeved columns with a 1.5" TriClamp drain for easy removal of liquids. Sleeved column sizes are now available in 200 gram, 450 gram, 900 gram, and 5 pound. Check out our "Dewaxing" Accessories.

2016 CBE Top 100 Ancillary Businesses - Number 25! January 02 2017

Terpp Extractors has been recognized as the number 25 ancillary business according to CBE!  We want to thank each and every one of you for helping us achieve the ranking of 25.  It is very humbling to be recognized in this regard.

We strive everyday to provide exemplary customer service and stress safety in the closed loop extractor industry.  With every Terpenator we sell, we connect more people with the safe option out there, the MK3 or MK4C.  

Thank you again for your help in achieving this milestone, we greatly appreciate it.  Here's to years more of providing quality closed loop extraction equipment to the industry.  

Heated Presses Coming Soon! Available for Pre-Order! December 02 2016

Terpp Extractors' Heated Presses

We are proud to introduce the first in our line of heated presses!  With double sided heating plates, a 5 ton pressure capacity, and a 4.75" x 4.75" plate this is the perfect machine for personal use.  The unit utilizes a digital timer and temperature control to assure you are applying the right amount of heat for the right amount of time.  With a simple hand-pump operated hydraulic mechanism the unit requires no external compressor to run.  The press runs off of a standard 110V standard plug, so there is no need for expensive and time consuming power upgrades of your processing room.  

Pre-Orders Available:  Estimated Ship Date January 21st, 2017

Production has already started on these units, but we wanted to give you a chance to order them before they arrive.  We currently anticipate these units to arrive in the latter half of January, most likely shipping around the 21st.  We may see them sooner than that, and we will update anyone that pre-orders with the status as soon as we know.


Pressure:  5 Tons
Voltage: 110V/220V
Power: 1100W
Time Range: 0s - 999s
Temp Range: 0 - 250°C
Plate Size: 4.75" x 4.75"

CMEP-OL Explosion Proof (NEMA 7) Refrigerant Recovery Pump September 01 2016

Terpp Extractors is now offering the CMEP-OL explosion proof refrigerant recovery pump! The CMEP-OL has gone through some reconfiguration since it first arrived on the scene two years ago.  The internals of the unit have been upgraded to PTFE seals all the way around making it an absolute workhorse in the industry.  

It sports a UL listed explosion proof motor, a 1HP stainless steel oil-less twin-cylinder compressor, and a NEMA 7 electrical enclosure (explosion proof.)  With 3/8" connections for the inlet and outlet, the unit is already an upgrade over the CPS TRS-21 which seem omnipresent in this industry.

That is all well and good, but one of the most exciting parts of the CMEP-OL is the warranty! This unit carries a 1 year manufacturer's warranty.  Also, because this unit was specifically designed for the industry, there is no hassle with trying to get warranty work done to the unit unlike the problems many of us have experience when trying to get warranty work done on the trusty CPS TRS-21.

The full specifications list can be found below:

  • All stainless steel and PTFE components ensures your extracts don’t get contaminated or polluted
  • Approved Refrigerants: R600,R600A, and R290
  • UL listed explosion proof motor provides sparkless operation
  • 1HP stainless steel oil-less twin-cylinder compressor
  • Compressor gas displacement: 1.25CFM
  • Entire system specially designed for hydrocarbon recovery
  • Meets UL explosion proof standards
  • Engineered for 24-hour continuous duty working conditions
  • NEMA 7 electrical enclosure (explosion proof)
  • Includes carrying handles and casters for easy moving
  • 3/8″ NPT inlet & outlet ports (1/4” SAE flare & 3/8” SAE flare adapters both included)
  • Fast vapor recovery rate: ≤157 lbs/h
  • Ultimate vacuum capability: -29.48”Hg
  • High pressure protection: 360 PSIG
  • Voltage: 115 VAC / 6.5 A / 60Hz
  • Power Consumption: 750 watts
  • Weight: 94 lbs
  • Patent and UL certificates pending
  • 1 year manufacturer’s warranty

Terpene Traps are Here! August 30 2016

The CF series Terpene Trap utilizes the Peltier effect to create a cold trap which will retain your terpenes that your vacuum pump is currently off gassing into the atmosphere.  By passing DC current through the device hot and cold zones are created.  This is achieved with no moving parts, so your failure rate over the course of time is extremely low.

As an ideal addition to your closed loop extraction setup, the terpene trap will go between your vacuum oven and your vacuum pump.  Not only will you be capturing terpenes, but you will be prolonging the life of your vacuum pump which are typically not designed to have terpenes move through the housing.

The advantage of the CF series of Terpene Traps over a more traditional cold trap is the spectrum of material it will pull.  A cold trap is typically so cold you pulling out residual butane and any other hydrocarbons which may be in the vapor.  With the CF series Terpene Trap the temperature is not so extreme that you will pull butane, but instead rests in the range of temperature which predominately pulls terpenes only.

The CF-200 will be installed in between your vacuum oven and your vacuum pump via a 3/8" hose barb connection.

NOTE:  This is not going to produce a crazy amount of terpenes.  Yields of 1ML to 3ML of terpenes from 10lbs to 15lbs of material have been reported.

NOTE:  If you have multiple strains in the same oven you will get a mixed bag of terpenes.  


  • Requires no dry ice, liquid nitrogen, etc. Simply plug in and turn on.
  • CAPACITY: 22 ml or 100 ml
  • Large vacuum insulated sight glass
  • Viton seals
  • Tested to UL Standards

Habitat for Humanity Donation - 1% July Sales! July 20 2016

It has been a great year for us, and we hope it has been great for you as well. As another way of giving back, we have decided to donate 1% of of our July sales to Habitat for Humanity. We strongly believe in giving back to the community when we can, and strive to do so at every opportunity.

If you have been waiting to purchase some extra gaskets, filter dryers, a shatter platter, or any of the other accessories we have for our units, now would be the time to buy. For those of you needing your first machine, or planning on adding a second unit, it is a great opportunity to help those less fortunate.  Not only are you getting what you need, you're helping a fantastic non-profit organization.  

Thank you very much for your business,
The Terpp Extractors Team

PTFE and Tuf-Steel Screen Gaskets. August 05 2015

We have received a limited quantity of PTFE and Tuf-Steel screen gaskets for all of you that are dewaxing out there. They haven't been added to our website yet, so give us a call to get a quote. We have also upgraded the gaskets inside of our sight glasses. We have replaced the Viton gaskets behind the glass with PTFE for applications with dewaxing.

Dewaxing/Sleeved Columns October 15 2014

We now offer sleeved columns with a 1.5" TriClamp drain for easy removal of liquids. Sizes available in 200g, 450g, and 900g. Check out our new "dewaxing" accessories.

Discontinued Inline "Tube Style" Sight Glass August 01 2014

Due to concerns expressed about safety from our engineers, Terpp Extractors will be discontinuing the inline "tube style" sight glass on the MK3 kits and complete systems. 

We will be issuing a new and improved inline sight glass by November. 

If you haven't received a refund, please contact us. We highly recommend waiting on making a refund request so you will be eligible for the new sight glass at no extra cost to you. 

Free Shipping on 7/10! July 09 2014

Terpp Extractors is offering free shipping for 7/10! 

No coupon code required, simply select the free shipping option and checkout. 

Offer ends 7/11.

Terpp Customers Get 10% off from EcoGreen May 26 2014

Terpp Extractors has teamed up with EcoGreen Industries to help you save on Butane and Propane gases.
When you order from Terpp Extractors, you get a coupon code for 10% off all purchases from EcoGreen Industries

If you are a existing customer and wish to take advantage of the savings, please contact us and we will send you a coupon. 

New 888 Number May 03 2014

Want to talk to us? Have a question? Need support? Give us a call at 888-572-1911 M-F, 8-5 MDT.